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Wlcome to JSO    


Welcome to Japanese Student Organization (JSO) in NYU School of Education.  We are an organization established for Japanese students enrolled in programs at NYU School of Education.  Our aim is to provide and assist you in your professional development.  We exchange professional oriented information such as the availability of jobs for Japanese students in United States, your visa status as you obtain a job in this country and many more.  We will try to provide you the solution for any kind of concern you have regarding your professional development.  As a member of JSO, you will benefit from meeting various people and exchange various information on professional opportunity both in Japan and here in United States.  You will also receive an updated publication issued by JSO every semester.  The membership fee is $10 each semester.  Come and join our wonderful world of JSO!!! 


Please contact the President of JSO, Emiko Mizunuma, for further information: